D23 2017: Disney Legend Marty Sklar weighs in on new Pirates scene controversy


We wants the redhead! You can’t have her, not anymore! Disney is changing a piece of Pirates of the Caribbean at all it’s parks, and it’s causing quite the controversy. Instead of accepting the change as inevitable, fans have bashed the park, started petitions and more as a show of support for the scene that has crying women auctioned off to horny pirates, against their will.

During the D23 Pirates presentation, the topic came up with original Imagineer Marty Sklar. The question was met with boos from the crowd. But the moderator asked what Marty himself thought of the change. After all, he was one of the creators of the ride and worked on the original version at Disneyland. What did he think?

Video-Marty Sklar reacts to the Auction Scene being removed

There you have it. Change happens at Disney. It happened since day one, from the mechanical errors to things that just needed to change. Sklar says the change is just the same tradition that Walt himself started. “I look at it like a theater show. It’s still the same story, but you brought a new dynamic into it. Walt did that constantly in terms of Disneyland.”

He also went on to say that he understands what you’re feeling, but things change, and always have.

“I appreciate that so many of you came to Disneyland as kids, and now you’re bringing your kids and grandkids to the park, and you want things to be the way you saw them initially” Sklar said “It’s part of tradition at Disneyland. I see nothing but positive in Disney’s thinking about Disney making changes.”

There you go, straight from the guy who worked on the original iconic attraction.

We’ll have tons more from Disney D23 in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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