D23 2017: Get a close up look at a ride vehicle from Star Wars Land!


Clearly one of the most anticipated new attractions to hit anywhere in the galaxy is Disney’s Star Wars Land. The new land will feature two signature rides, a Millennium Falcon attraction and a ride where guests battle Stormtroopers from The First Order. At Disney’s D23 Expo, we had the chance to get a great first look at a new ride vehicle from the attraction that is rumored to be everything a Star Wars fan could ever want.

Check out the video below:


Let’s talk about this a bit. The first thing we notice is, of course, the astromech droid. According to the plaque, the droid is on every transport vehicle and has ship schematics and access codes. That seems like it’s very important, because we are actually trying to escape the First Order. From this bit of information, we know we’re going to be moving through the ship and will have access to get in restricted areas, once everything goes on lockdown.


The ride vehicle will seat eight people, which will make for a fairly exclusive experience and will see guests going through the adventure with just a small group of people. We don’t know a lot about the ride yet, but everything we’ve heard is amazing. The ride will take us face to face with Stormtroopers, and we’ll also get to fight alongside resistance fighters. The ride is rumored to make a stop in the middle of the attraction, in which guests will get out and will be forced to run from danger. There will also be real working lightsabers that someone in the party will get to use. With the limited capacity of just eight guests, this will make the attraction move a lot quicker.

We’ll definitely be finding out more as the D23 Expo progresses, so stay tuned for much more!

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