D23 2017: Incredibles 2 pays tribute to Edna Mode, as new details are revealed


The Disney Animation and Pixar Panel had exclusive looks at many upcoming Pixar films. One of the most anticipated films is Brad Bird’s Incredibles 2. The film will pick up immediately where the first one left off. The family is fighting crime together, and will see even more heroes on screen. A quick clip showed off about 50 new heroes, while the stage was filled with the cast of the film, including FROZONE! Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson will all be returning.

The film will feature Elastigirl front and center, and will leave Bob at home to take care of Jack Jack. Of course, we all know Jack Jack has super powers, but the family doesn’t. A hilarious reveal has the baby chasing a raccoon through the yard.

Also, there will be a return of “Super” designer, Edna Mode. Edna is legendary in the fashion world, and is the envy of the runway. Pixar has released a retrospective on Edna, featuring tons of celebrity models and designers.

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