D23 2017: Pixar and Animation panel showcases new


While the D23 Expo might have kicked off with the huge Legends Ceremony, it wasn’t until the Pixar and Disney Animation that we got the first official peeks at some of the huge exciting line up coming to Disney over the next few years.
The panel kicked off with a great sizzle reel featuring tons of movies from the studio, including Beauty and the Beast, Cars 3, and title cards for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and was introduced by Alan Horn.

Alan Horn quickly turned things over to John Lassetter, who entered firing a blaze of shirts out of T-shirt cannon.

“Today we are going to show you things that no one has seen outside the walls of our studio” he said, before starting off with a DisneyToon Studios film that celebrates the next level of aviation, with what he called “the speed test”. The short trailer showed photorealistic plane crashes, and jets hurtling through the atmosphere. There they open their eyes, revealing that this movie looks to take place in the Cars/Planes universe. The title started as “Space” and quickly moved to “this Space will be filled with a title when we think of one”. This untitled film will hit theaters on April 12th 2019.

Next up, Kristen Bell took the stage to talk about the short film, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which will play before Coco and will take place the winter after the events from Frozen happens. The entire cast of Frozen will return for the film. In true D23 fashion, a magical event happened as the film cut out for “technical difficulties” only to have Josh Gad take the stage and sing along with the film on screen, as Olaf for a brand new Frozen song. The new song is all about exploring holiday traditions, and seems to have the title “That time of year”. The mood is definitely a Christmas movie, so look for this one to be a huge hit with the entire family every year.

The panel moved on quickly to Frozen 2, which they were trying to do in Norwegian…unfortunately that didn’t work out, but there will be a different title eventually, but right now it’s just Frozen 2 (Marshmellow Boogaloo). While there was some really amazing behind the scenes footage of the filmmakers in Norway, there wasn’t much new stuff to see.

However, Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet offered a different story. The owner of the arcade starts out connecting something in the arcade to the internet. Of course, Ralph and Vanellope finds there way into the internet and finds a hub like the first time. The short piece ends with pop up ads assaulting Ralph, which sets the tone for the film. It’s going to be funny, and poke a lot of fun at internet culture. Sarah Silverman took the stage with the films directors and explained that Sugar Rush breaks, which is why they end up on the internet to try and find a new one. A new character named YESSS was introduced, and will be voiced by Taraji P. Henson. She’ll work for a site called Buzzaholic and will have changing hair and clothes to match the constantly changing times. We got a great look at her in a brand new clip, in which the trio goes to (an actual Disney site), and featured Marvel and Star Wars characters, Stan Lee and Tsum Tsum. There’s even a piece where every Disney Princess ever comes back. We actually got a tease of this during the Princess panel from MegaCon.

They seem to be throwing the kitchen sink in here.

Incredibles 2 got a great look at the cast, including a funny bit with Edna Mode (the superhero fashion designer from the first film).
Check out the video tribute to Edna:

The story will take place immediately after the first, and will see the family in a new house in the side of a lush forest. The family doesn’t know Jack Jack has powers, even though we do, so there will be that part of it. There will also be a TON of new superhero characters.

Then we get a new look at Toy Story 4! Josh Cooley, director of the Inside Out short-Riley’s First Date will direct this one. Not much was shown, except the very first line…which is Jeff Pidgeon Inhaling Helium and going “oooooh” as an Alien.

Pixar also revealed an untitled new Suburban Fantasy World, which is written by Monsters University’s Dan Scanlon. It’s a personal story from Dan, involving his father. The world of the film takes place in a world where humans never existed, but is made up of Trolls, sprites, elves…and unicorns. The concept art included unicorns, which are so common they are pets, eating garbage. The new film tells the story of two brothers on a quest to learn about their father.

Tons more details were also revealed from the upcoming November release-CoCo. They even brought out Benjamin Bratt to sing the movies film, “Remember Me”. The film is a rich look at the Day of the Dead, with music and a great original story. That film hits theaters this Thanksgiving.

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