D23 2017: Star Wars Land name likely revealed prematurely 


Star Wars Land sounds like it wraps everything up pretty nicely, right? But we all knew that wasn’t going to be the official name of Disney’s huge Star Wars themed areas at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disneyland…right?
It seems that the official name, which is going to be officially revealed during the Disney Parks and Resorts Panel on Saturday, has been prematurely leaked, via that pesky source code on the Disney Parks Blog.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the new name of Star Wars Land. It’s not exactly catchy, but for fans it sounds a lot cooler than Star Wars Land.

First spotted by a Redditor,  the alt code on the official Disney Parks Blog pointed to (momentarily) a new name.

A Google search also revealed the all new name.

Thanks to our friends at Inside The Magic for the heads up, and the pictures. 


The name definitely captures what’s supposed to be the spirit of the land. The new themed area will take place in a remote outpost on the edge of the galaxy, where everyone wants to disappear, or go unnoticed. Galaxy’s Edge makes it the perfect name for a place that people just want to blend in and away from the galaxy. What do you think of the new name? Let’s face it, no matter what it’s called, it’s going to be Star Wars Land to everyone else visiting the park, except for the die hard Disney and Star Wars fans.

The official reveal, along with a few other big pieces of news will be revealed later today when the Disney Parks and Resorts Panel kicks off.

Meanwhile you can check out our full look at the Star Wars booth at the Disney D23 Expo:


We’ll have tons more from Disney D23 in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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