D23 2017: The first Avengers Infinity War trailer debuts, and there’s a lot of heroes to go around!


Almost every single Marvel Superhero that has appeared on screen ever will appear on screen together when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters next year. The first trailer made it’s debut at the D23 Expo on Saturday, and to say it was big is a huge understatement.

osh Brolin (Thanos), Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Pom Klementieff, Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista, Don Cheadle, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Holland (Spider-Man), Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) all took the stage, surprising fans. What else surprised fans was the footage that showed a look back at the MCU, then slinging ahead to Thor slamming against the Milano as the Guardians of the Galaxy arrived.
“Who the hell are you guys?”

Loki is seen giving Thanos the Tesseract, we see Spiderman on a bus, his new Avengers suit, a blonde Black Widow…and so many Avengers fighting.
We get the first real look at Thanos, as he calls down comets from space and utterly destroys everything.

It’s going to be a wild ride, and it all looks amazing so far. Hopefully this one will find it’s way online very soon, but there’s a real good chance we won’t see it until after SDCC next week.
We’ll have tons more from Disney D23 in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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