Howl O Scream’s effects team brings minions and monsters to life at Tampa Bay Comic Con


Gore, monsters and mayhem happen every single year at Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa. But contrary to what some actors will tell you, they aren’t born that way. To get the signature gory look down, it takes special skills and make up, and a lot of patience. We were able to catch up with the team behind the monsters at the Tampa Bay Comic Con, and were able to get a quick behind the scenes look at the way that some of the monsters come to life through the amazing talents of the make up artists.


Watch-Sculptor James Oleson from M6EFX Brings Monsters to Life at Tampa Bay Comic Con



The monsters start out as sculptures, which are used as molds. The molds are then turned into masks that are placed either directly on the skin, or on to props or prosthetics.





From the sculptors, the mask or prosthetic goes to the make up artists and the actors. Without the actor, it’s just a wonderfully dark piece of art. The actors are the ones who breathe the extra life into it and make it truly terrifying. The finished pieces can range from your rotting flesh zombie, all the way to a maniacal monster. It depends really on what the role calls for.

Of course, we know that this year’s Howl O Scream will include freakish hotel guests in Motel Hell, Voodoo Zombies and minions in Death Water Bayou, and hordes of bizarre creatures in Unearthed.


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