Scare Zone construction begins at Universal Orlando as HHN 27 reveals begin this week



Photo courtesy of Sunshine Frights


It always starts small. Sometimes unnoticeable at first, but it always ends up chasing you, and stalking you through the streets. Our friends over at Sunshine Frights  has a great first look this morning at some construction happening at Universal Studios Florida.

Photo courtesy of Sunshine Frights


The construction is starting very small, just a few posts, but it’s in the Central Park area. This is pretty early for street construction, which could mean that there will be some pretty big details coming in this portion of the park. While it does seem a little premature to get excited about a small amount of set up, it’s still proof that Halloween is coming, and coming fast.

So far, Universal Orlando has announced American Horror Story, The Shining and Ash vs. Evil Dead for the coming season. There’s still about six more to go.

HHN is counting down to something  on August 3rd. It could be a full reveal of everything, or it could be the next chapter in the “Soul Collector” story that Universal Orlando is cooking up. There’s tons of speculation and rumors floating around, but until it’s officially announced, it’s not happening.

We can only hope that the wait is short, because with the hottest part of the summer still ahead, we need something to keep us looking forward.

Tickets are now on sale, including vacation packages.

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