SDCC 2017: Animated Ghostbusters and more live action films teased


Ivan Reitman headed up the huge panel for IDW Publishing, in which the director of the comedy classic talked about comics, the movies and other massive things. For starters, there’s the 101 comics, which crosses Ghostbusters with other things…like Ninja Turtles. That was a huge hit, and it’s happening again with a part 2. Even more, there will be special figures.



They’re called simply Ninja Ghostbusters and see Ninja Turtles dressed as the different Ghostbusters team. Then there’s the movies. That’s right, movies.

First there’s an animated movie that is looking like it will get a 2019 release date. The film will see the ghost world from a ghost’s perspective. It won’t be slimer, but it will eventually end up helping the Ghostbusters and being part of the team. There aren’t any solid details, but it looks like 2019 could be the year to see the animated movie hit theaters, which is the 35th anniversary of the original film.


Whether you liked the all female Ghostbusters or not (we loved it), it didn’t do well enough at the box office to warrant a direct sequel. However Reitman would love to see a crossover of the ladies and the guys, much like they’ve done in the 101 comics already. The live action film is allegedly already in production as well, but there’s no word on just how far along that one is.

The bottom line is that there are more Ghostbusters on the way!



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