SDCC 2017: Death of Superman, Gotham by Gaslight revealed as DC unrolls slate of animated films



Warner Brothers unveiled their Animated DC Comics lineup at San Diego Comic Con for 2018 and part of 2019. The line up is pretty stellar and gives fans of Superman and Batman a lot to look forward to.

First up is Gotham By Gaslight. If you’re not familiar, it showcases the Dark Knight in a Victorian Era as he hunts for Jack the Ripper. The story is pretty fantastic, but pretty short, so you’ll likely see a lot of backstory and some other things added in. That will debut in the first part of 2018.

Next is Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. It’s the first Suicide Squad animated film in the DC Universe and promises a stellar voice cast. It’s not clear if we’re going to see any of the actors for the film reprise their roles, but there’s a good chance that it won’t happen. The story will be an original Suicide Squad story, the details of which are pretty tight.

Finally is the two part Death of Superman. The two part feature film will feature more of the fight with Doomsday, and the subsequent Death of Superman. It will stick closer to the comics than any of the adaptations before, and will see a lot of fan favorite moments realized. The first part will hit in 2018, while the second part will hit in 2019.

The second part will be Reign of the Supermen, and will feature most (if not all) of the Supermen that rose to power after Kal-El died. Hopefully it will also feature the rebirth of Superman, in a huge spectacular fashion.

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