The first gallery from San Diego Comic Con is here!


San Diego Comic Con kicked off Wednesday night with a special preview of the event. We had the chance to walk around the show floor and check out some of the major booths before the floor opened. This year is going to prove very interesting for the con, mainly because Disney rolled out a ton of new stuff last weekend at the D23 Expo. This year, there will be no Disney or Lucasfilm Presentations, even though there is a huge presence of both on the show floor. There will be, however, a massive 90 minute Marvel presentation. We will likely get to see more from The Avengers, Black Panther, and Thor. We can hope for new trailers for all of those to hit the web this weekend. PLUS there’s murmurs that Marvel will be rolling out details for their new Marvel Land at Disneyland’s California Adventure.



Other heavy hitters like Lionsgate, Sony and Paramount are also sitting Comic Con out. Still, that leaves more room for big displays from Warner Brothers who will more than likely steal the show with huge announcements and reveals. Also new to the con this year is Netflix, who is expected to give us a look at Stranger Things.


Lionsgate isn’t coming to Comic Con this year, but their new SAW film, Jigsaw is. There will be stars on hand, and a panel, which tells us that Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando will be there as well to make a big announcement about Halloween Horror Nights. The new house rumor has been floating around for some time, and honestly it makes sense with the new film happening.


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