“Demented Dimensions” coming to Howl O Scream Tampa


Howl O Scream is opening new doors this haunt season. Doors beyond our dimension. Doors into other worlds. No they're not opening zones, but Demented Dimensions.

Howl O Scream revealed the new name during a Facebook live video stream on Thursday night. The new house is one of two new houses coming to the event. While there were no details about the house, or the other new house, the video did say that each new door will lead into a new dimension. That's it.

There will be a total of 7 houses at the event, including Demented Dimensions, Death Water Bayou, Zombie Containment Unit 15, and Motel Hell. The new house will replace Zombie Mortuary. There will also be five scare zones and a show. We're going out on a limb and saying that the show will have Fiends returning .

As of right now, you can still get a great deal on tickets for just $29.99. That deal ends on August 16th, when tickets will go back to their regular price of about $70 dollars.

Howl O Scream kicks off on September 22nd for select nights.


One of our readers pointed out that Demented Dimensions is a name from Howl O Scream's past. I've been to just about every Howl OnScre event since 2003, and sure enough, I vaguely remember a house by the same name that first year we went. This house was in the old Ackbar building, which is where the current Zombie Containment Unit is now.

Demented Dimensions was a backlight 3D house, and used every 3D trick in the book. Will the new house be a 3D house? The only clue we have is in the title, which looks to use some 3D elements itself. Let's hope this isn't your typical 3D house and instead of using the cheap tricks of black lights and fluorescent paint, it comes up with some really innovative uses of 3D.3D houses are a staple in the haunt industry and it's very hard to do them in a unique way. Let's hope Bosch Gardens succeeds with it.

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