Downtown Disney at Disneyland changing parking policies August 16th



Downtown Disney at Disneyland in California is about to change their parking policy, but will it affect you? Beginning on August 16th, Downtown Disney guests will need to make a minimum $20 dollar purchase in order to get 2 hours of parking for free. The purchases can be anything from any store at Downtown Disney, including quick-serve restaurants and kiosks. Guests can also get up to four hours of free parking by getting validation at any table service restaurant, or AMC Theaters.


The fees after that will be $12 dollars an hour, or $6 dollars per 30 minutes after the first 15 minutes. The daily rate has also jumped from $36 to $48 dollars, which will also apply for lost tickets.

The way it works now, guests get 2 hours of free parking without having to make a purchase, but beyond that still get charged $12 dollars an hour. If you’re going out for dinner or shopping anyway, this new policy won’t effect you. It’s really going to only effect those looking to hang out.

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