HHN 27 scare zones and shows revealed!


Have you been collecting souls? We hope so, because your time has come, in fact all of our times have come! Universal Orlando has unleashed the terror with all the details of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 27. Well, almost all of them. Universal is throwing what they’re calling the “Festival of the Deadliest”, an ancient tradition from the depths of where nightmares are born. It’s starting out as a scare zone, but that spirit is spreading throughout the entire park.

Universal has revealed five new scare zones, an all new show and it’s all looking amazing! The zones are a great mix of properties and original content, which makes for an amazing combination.

Scare Zones

Festival of the Deadliest: Monsters and madmen from beyond the veil prey in this twisted afterlife of Fright. Checkout the first look below!

Trick r Treat: YES!!!! What happens when you don’t follow the traditions and rules of Halloween? You face Sam! Central Park becomes a collection of all the favorite moments from the anthology series that has been an inspiration for HHN for quite some time.

The Purge: For twelve hours every year, chaos is legal. This year at HHN, every night chaos is legal. You’ll see favorite characters from the films, and be put in a fight for your survival in the streets of New York.

Altars of Horror: This sounds amazing. The park will take some of the biggest and scariest characters from this years mazes and turn the loose on the streets. Guests will come face to face with characters from TV Shows, Movies and the original mazes.

Invasion: The docks of San Francisco are where the evil alien scientists have set up their labs. Humans are being experimented on in a never ending quest to conquer earth! As a lover of sci-fi, this Zone sounds like a blast!

Roaming hordes: Alright, not a scare zone per se, but it will make no area of the park safe. Chainsaws wielding clowns will lurk for you in the shadows.


It’s no surprise that Academy of Villains is returning in a big way. The new show will see the dance troupe return with an all new show. Academy of Villains: Afterlife, will bring new music and moves as the cast shows us what happens when we shed this mortal coil.

Not familiar with AoV? Check out last year’s show below!

The show was a huge hit last year, and came out of nowhere. A new show from the amazing dance troupe is sure to be amazing.

Of course there’s also the Farewell Your of Bill and Ted. You won’t want to see the Wyld Stallions ride one last time.

The terror kicks off on September 15th on select nights, and tickets are now in sale!

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