HHN Orlando continues to tease as time gets closer


It's getting closer, but Universal is still holding back a lot of details on this years Halloween Horror Nights. So far we have three maze announcements with just over a month left until opening night.
There's work going on in the park, as Fear Factor Live has gone down to make the transition to Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure.

Our friends over at Sunshine Frights have a great look at the transition.

As summer comes to a close and kids go back to school, more scare zones will come to life. We don't know for sure what tricks or treats the park will cook up for HHN, but we won't know for sure until the park is purged of all the huge summer crowds.

Meanwhile, the official Halloween Horror Nights Twitter Page continues to drop hints and a few pictures from two announced, and two unannounced mazes. The first comes from Ash vs. Evil Dead, as the hint uses a line from Evil Dead 2. It doesn't give anything away, but it sure gives an example of the attention to detail.

The next two are from original, unannounced houses. In fact, Horror Nights has given us the stats that the event will include a 5/4 split of original to property houses. Five houses will be based on movies/shows while the other four will be original stories. We have no clue what the pictures above are from, and we kind of like that mystery.


The final shot is a typewriter, again showing the attention to detail that is going into the houses. This one is obviously (probably) from the Shining. The attention to detail is so rich and amazing that we can't wait to see what else the maniacs at HHN have in store.


When will we get to see more? There are bound to be a few more details oozing out soon before a full reveal. Speaking of a full reveal, many people are asking when will it happen, and even berating the event on social media about the lack of constant updates.

That brings us to story time kids.

Up until about four years ago, anyone waiting for HHN updates had to wait until at least the end of July before any details were released. Instead of house announcements, we would get tiny little website updates. And when we say tiny, we mean things like a picture would change, or there would be a few speckles of blood. It was maddening. It was glorious.

This year the mad marketing moguls behind the event seem to be dragging out that maddening feeling a little longer. The suspense is terrible. I hope it'll last.

Be patient with things, a full reveal traditionally comes a month before the official start of the event, so details are bound to come flying soon!

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