How two of Japan’s worst earthquakes influenced the strangest attraction. A public bath rollercoaster.


With an title like that I'm sure your thinking how the heck are these two things connected. To answer that we have to go back in time the day of April 14th, 2016. A long time ago I know but, on this day a series of earthquakes hit the southern part of Japan. It left cites in ruin and fifty human deaths. It wrecked the economy and was a lost to companies big and small.

In an attempt to bring people to a town called Beppu known for its many onsens or public baths. The mayor said if a concept video of an "onsen theme park" or spamusement park. The promo featured guests attending the park in bathing suits and towels, riding merry-go-rounds, and craziest of all a rollercoaster filled with hot bath water.


The mayor proudly stated that if the promo video got 1 million views the dream would become a reality. Well that happened a long time ago and the mayor said it would happen. And to give complete credit to the mayor at the end of July they opened up the spamusement park for a very limited time complete with the worlds first bath coaster at  Yu-enchi park. For further details see the video below,

Watch: Yu-Enchi Park

Do you think they did what they promised? I think it was a great way to bring people to a small area in Japan.


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