Howl O Scream 2017: The full lineup!



There’s no where to hide. Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa has revealed all the details for this year’s terror fest. The event kicks on September 22nd with seven houses, five scare zones and one hilarious show. Plus, you’ll be able to tackle monsters, zombies and more as you ride coasters in the dark.


Here’s the full line up:

Scare Zones

  • Class Deceased: The park asked fans to choose the name for this school gone wrong. They chose the name from a list of four others.
  • Carnie Camp: New for 2017, guests will go backstage of a demented Carnival where freaks come out to play.
  • Meat Market: Watch a band of sinister and cannibalistic creatures feast on the weak. With chainsaws and sheer disregard, they might just smell your fear and add you to their monstrous menu.
  • Wasteland: Returning this year, the apocalypse has com and has left behind a bunch of hellish creatures
  • Playground: Also returning is the Playground, where demented children play their games.


  • Demented Dimensions
  • Undead Arena
  • The Black Spot
  • Zombie Containment Unit 15
  • Death Water Bayou
  • Unearthed
  • Motel Hell

Also returning is the long running monster mash, Fiends. Dr. Freakenstein and Igor brings monsters back to the Stanleyville Theater for another “Code Pink” party with naughty nurses.


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