Legoland California Announces New 4D Show, Submarine Ride and Castle Hotel Details for 2018!


2018 is promising to be the biggest year ever for Legoland California. This morning Legoland made a huge announcement that was teased as the single largest investment for any of the Legoland parks.


The first announcement that was made for the day was the addition of a new 4D film called, ‘Ninjago: Master of the 4th Demension’. This new film will piggyback on the popularity of the upcoming ‘LEGO Ninjago Movie’ hitting theaters this fall and will feature the cast of characters you know and love from the series. In additional it’ll combine 3D animation with real world special effects. This new film will also open at all other Legoland parks but is slated to premiere first in January 2018 at Legoland California.

Next up, they discussed more details on the upcoming Lego Castle Hotel which is scheduled to open in Spring 2018. The hotel is the first castle themed hotel in the US and was conceived due to the huge popularity of the Castle themed rooms at the original Legoland Hotel. The biggest announcement for the day was that reservations will be opening in September for guests to book their stay. It was also stated that the hotel will create over 200 new jobs for the resort. We cannot wait to see this hotel continue to grow over the next year. They had also revealed some never before seen renderings of the new property.

The final announcement of the press event was of course the biggest. It represents the single largest investment from Merlin Entertainment at any of the Legoland Parks. A first of its kind Submarine attraction in North America called ‘Lego City Deep Sea Adventure’. Situated within 300,000 gallons of water, guests will interact with real life animals such as Sting Rays, Exotic Sharks and Tropical fish. All while learning about these animals and following a narrative that focuses on searching for a lost treasure. If it sounds similar to the ‘Atlantis Submarine Voyage’ attraction at Legoland Windsor, that’s because it’s based on the ride system. In addition to underwater viewing, each portal will have a touch screen display where you can identify gold, gems, corals and sea life in the attraction. Lego City Deep Sea Adventure Submarine is expected to open Summer 2018.

Lego and theme park fans have a lot of good things to look forward to in 2018 at Legoland California. Which one of these announcements are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below!

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