Mission:Space soft opens at Epcot with new Earth Mission!


Friday marked the first soft opening for the all new Mission:Space. The new addition of the ride doesn't "officially" open until Sunday, but a few lucky guests got to blast off for a sneak peek.

While the majority of the ride is the same, the refurbishment brought two major upgrades to the attraction. There is a new, high definition ride film for the "Orange" or intense mission. That Mission takes you to Mars, just like the old version.

The Green or less intense side takes you on a flight around Earth.

Largely the queue remains the same, as it just received a few touch ups here and there. The ride experience is the major change, though the preshow video has gotten a new face and new voice.

Instead of Gary Sinise taking us through our training, we get Gina Torres in CAPCOM. She takes us through training, and the safety regulations of the ride.

Watch-Check out the all new Mission:Space Preshow

The new Green experience is breathtaking. Younger rides can now enjoy the attraction, with the help of a booster seat. It lowers the height requirement to 42 inches for the Green-less intense training.

Want to take a ride around the Earth? Check out the video below!

Watch-Go for a flight around the Earth with Mission: Space

The Green side takes guests around the world, starting flight from San Francisco. Then you are taken around several different landmarks around the globe before touching down in Florida. There's a few surprises that you can see in the video above. While the video gives you an idea of what to expect, the feeling of the ride is amazing and something you have to try for yourself.

The new ride experience definitely makes for a great addition for the entire family, and Gina Torres makes for a great new guide across the galaxy.

Mission:Space is in technical rehearsals but opens fully in Sunday, August 13th.

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