More Howl O Scream details ooze from Busch Gardens Tampa


There's truly nowhere to hide this year, as Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa rolls out almost all of the details from this year's event. The event will see five scare zones, most of which will be new. Seven haunted houses, three of which will be all new. And of course hoardes of monsters, chainsaws and more will stalk, and hunt you in the shadows.


Right now there are only six houses named, two of which are brand new. There's still one more that Howl O Scream is keeping close. We already know of Zombie Containment Unit, Death Water Bayou, Motel Hell and Unearthed will all return for more terror, but what about the others?

Demented Dimensions: The doorways all lead to new dimensions rooms in new universes. Escape is damn near impossible, and if you escape, it's only to your doom in another dimension. The original version of this house was 3D way back in the early days of Howl O Scream, but there's no word on if that's going to be the case this time.

Undead Arena-LIVE: The future is bleak as society is divided into Worthy and Unworthy. The Unworthy are pitted against the Worthy in the arena filled with brain eaters. You won't survive

There's one more haunted house waiting. Unfortunately this means that the excellent "Black Spot" from last year is gone. That's a shame as it was really well done.

Scare Zones

Five scare zones dot the park, with three brand new experiences. Returning scare zones included The Playground, and The Wasteland. What about the new ones?

Carnie Camp: The carnival seeks the unfortunate souls who wander backstage for cruel experiments to be featured in their next grotesque spectacle.

Meat Market: You know this can't be good. Cannibalistic creatures stalk the streets with chainsaws. Are you scared? Good…it makes you taste better.

Name the scare zone: Fans can go to the Official Facebook Page later today to vote on the name of an all new scare zone that will see Demented kids overthrow their evil headmaster at school.

Monsters will roam some of the meanest thrill rides as well, with Cobras Curse Monty and of course bumper cars being prime places for riding with some creepy characters.

Fiends will also return, as Dr. Freakenstein Igor and the rest of the monsters make a return to the Stanleyville theater.

Of course with Fiends returning to Stanleyville, that means a new show could be coming to the Dragon Fire Grill, especially for Fright Feast.
Speaking of Fright Feast, an all new menu will make its way to the fan favorite way to skip the lines.

Tickets, tours and upgrades are all on sale now! Howl O Scream kicks off on September 22nd for select hellish Nights.

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