New coasters and thrills in store for all Six Flags parks in 2018


Six Flags Chairman and CEO, Jim Reid Anderson was back at it Thursday morning as he made huge announcements for all Six Flags parks across the country, as the chain gets ready for a huge 2018 season. The park is rolling out more coasters, new additions, unique flat rides and capitalizing on DC characters as they slap the characters and names on some new attractions.

Video-New at Six Flags for 2018

Let’s run down the list of new attractions coming next year.

Twisted Cyclone-Six Flags Over Georgia


Georgia Cyclone closed earlier this year, and everyone knew what was coming. The new creation will be the Rocky Mountain Construction steel-wood hybrid that has become a staple at Six Flags. The new coaster will have three inversions, a 75 degree, 96 foot first drop and over 2,400 feet of track.

World’s Largest Loop Coaster-Six Flags Great America


Six Flags Great AmericA is getting the world’s largest super loop, as the “Looping Coaster” will debut next year.

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster-Six Flags Fiesta Texas


This was announced earlier, but it’s still an amazing coaster. The coaster uses the single rail Raptor track from Rocky Mountain Construction. It will provide amazing airtime, unique maneuvers and some really great drops.

Wonder Woman Coaster-Six Flags Mexico

This Wonder Woman Coster utilizes the spinning, free fly cars, to give guests amazing drops, non stop spinning and thrills.


Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster-Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


The Crazy Coaster is a first in the country from Skyline Attractions. Think of two intertwining Super Loop rides. Now put them against each other as they twist turn, and come face to face several times as each coaster car has several near misses with the other car. The ride will be ultra unique in several ways, the biggest being how small of a footprint the ride actually has.

Harley Quinn Spinsanity-Six Flags Over Texas


Spinsanity is an amazing flat ride that takes what you know about spinning rides and spins it…again and again. The ride will flip you, twist you and flip you again all as you’re spinning about 70 feet above the ground.

Cyborg Cyber Spin-Six Flags Great Adventure


Great Adventure is also getting the new unique attraction.


Pandemonium-The Great Escape


A new twist on a classic ride will have guests facing outwards as they spin and swing through the air.

Crazanity-Six Flags Magic Mountain


The huge new pendulum will spin and swing riders head over heels with this classic flat ride. Also, the rid Weill be the centerpiece in an all new Boardwalk area, plus the park goes to 365 days of operation in 2018!


Carnival En Folie-La Ronde


Carnaval will be an all new area with three unique new attractions, all aimed at the family and smaller riders.

Harley Quinn Spinsanity-Six Flags New England

Another new pendulum ride will make its home at SFNE.

SplashWater Island-Waterworld Concord


A brand new kids area will hit Waterworld for 2018. The new area will feature new slides, and interactive water features.

Typhoon Twister-Six Flags St. Louis

Typhoon Twister features four-person rafts that careen wildly into a 125-foot long whirlpool bowl that spins riders around 360 degrees before the bottom drops out, sending guests plummeting down an enclosed five-story drop. Storm chasers will then be propelled up a 45-ft. zero-gravity wave wall to experience moments of weightlessness before falling back down and shooting out into the splash pool below.

Typhoon Twister highlights include:

• A hybrid, zero-gravity drop slide;
• A 125-ft long whirlpool bowl with a 54-ft vertical drop;
• A unique 45-ft. high wave wall that sends riders into weightlessness;
• Cloverleaf tube seats four people all facing each other; and
• Pumps 300,000 gallons of water per hour.

Wahoo River-Six Flags America

The Delaware park will add a brand new lazy river that will be longer and more interactive than the last.



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