SeaWorld Orlando trainer among rumored list for new Survivor season


The official list has not come out yet, but according to Surviving Tribal, we have a list of 19 of the 20 contestants for the new show. The show will air in 2018.

According to the unofficial list, SeaWorld Orlando will be represented by an Orca trainer who is allegedly scheduled to compete in the show.

Morgan Ricke has been at SeaWorld for about seven years, starting first at SeaWorld San Antonio. She's now a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando. While this is just a rumor at this point, it's likely going to happen.
Naturally, Morgan can neither "confirm nor deny" the claim. We honestly hope it's true, as she'll be well adapted to a lot of the physical challenges in Survivor, and of course it'll be amazing to see a favorite trainer that we've watched at SeaWorld give it her all for the show.

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