‘Shrek – 4D’ Closes Doors for Good at Universal Studios Hollywood!


Walt Disney World isn't the only Major theme park destination losing cornerstone attractions today. Also on August 13, 2017, Shrek 4D had its final performance at Universal Studios Hollywood.

After 14 years of shows, a bad internet meme will tell you that 'It's all Ogre now' for Shrek 4D (in Hollywood). The attraction opened in 2003 in an attempt to bring in more popular IP's after the big tourism downtown post 9/11. The attraction saw a major overhaul in 2015 where it received a new queue and in 2016 the structure was repainted to better serve as a backdrop for the The Wizarding World.

On its final day the show's queue hovered around 50-60 minutes as fans wanted the chance to see this film (which many of us can also see on Netflix) one more time. In 2018 the theater will be reopened as The DreamWork's Theater. 

The exterior will be completely unrecognizable as the popular New York street and castle theme will be removed and replaced with a Spanish style 1930's aesthetic.

The DreamWorks theater will open with a brand new custom show themed to Kung Fu Panda. It'll also act as a flex space where seasonal DreamWork's animated films can be rotated depending on the time of the year. Imagine seeing 'Scare Shrekless' during Halloween time, or 'Merry Madagascar' during the holiday season. Right next door to the DreamWork's theater an all new Animation Studio Store is currently being erected. This will feature all of Universal's popular animated IP's from Illumination Entertainment and DreamWork's, as well as home to a brand new Hello Kitty gift shop.

Currently no plans have been announced to remove Shrek 4D at Universal Orlando Resort, but we'd have to imagine the clock is ticking.

Special thanks to UniStudiosDaily for the picture update.

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