Silver Dollar City taking guests on “revolutionary” Time Traveler for 2018!


Silver Dollar City has been taking guests back in time years, as they transport them to a time before all the hassles of the modern world. Now, the park is taking guests through time with an all new Launched Mack Spinning coaster that will be opening in 2018.

The new coaster will mark the biggest themed investment in Silver Dollar City history, at $26 million dollars. It will be the only coaster of its kind on the planet, and will change the industry.

Here's the full rundown on the stats:

INVESTMENT: $26 Million
TRACK LENGTH: More than half a mile – 3,020 feet
INVERSIONS: THREE – Most Inversions EVER on a Spinning Coaster (one Dive Loop, one Zero-G Roll and one Vertical Loop—first and only in the world)
LAUNCH ELEMENTS: Two Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) Launches (one horizontal and one inclined)
RIDE DURATION: 1 minute 57 seconds (Dispatch to stop & unload)
VEHICLES/TRAINS: 360° Spinning Vehicles with adjustable magnetic spin control. Total of 3 trains carrying 16 passengers (2 per row; 2 rows per vehicle; 4 per train

The coaster is taking the spinning coaster to new heights, as it's going to do some pretty amazing things.

Watch: Go for a 360 ride on Time Traveler

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