Sperry makes incredible Star Wars collectibles out of amazing new shoe!


Sperry Topsiders, the shoe company that has been making amazing boat shoes since 1935 with very little variance in their time tested designs, has tapped into something amazing over the past few years. They’ve created collectors items out of shoes. Yes, we’ve seen shoes being sought after and collected because of their value and such for years, but Sperry has created what are truly collection quality pieces that are almost too good to wear. Almost.

We bring you the Sperry Star Wars X collection:


Watch: We unbox the Sperry Star Wars Rebel Pilot Cloud CVO


We were fortunate enough to have Sperry send us out a pair of the Star Wars Cloud CVO Rebel Pilots. It was nervous anticipation as we opened the box, and we could almost feel Luke giving the nod to R2D2 as we stood there unwrapping them. They are unbelievably cool, and everything about them screams a collectors piece.

Star Wars has been a…force…to be reckoned with for 40 years. It’s been a constant in the lives of many of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and even more recently has become a worldwide powerhouse when it comes to film. But that original film was what changed it all. It was the film that made so many amazing advances in movie technology, in the storytelling and even in the way that movies were made and marketed. It’s only fitting that such an original be matched with the original boat shoe. That is exactly what Sperry has done with their Star Wars line. It’s creative and captures the film in such a way that from the casual fans, to the die hard cosplayers, it’s an amazing experience.




So the shoes themselves are very rugged and extremely well made. The Cloud EVO are the standard Sperry boat shoe. They’ve taken them and given them that bright orange color, that all Rebel Pilots wear. The Rebel Alliance Insignia is proudly stamped on the side, and the colors of the laces and the trim around the base of the shoe match that of the X-Wings and other ships. When you think of space fighter, it’s hard to think of shoes in the same sentence, but somehow, Sperry deos it and makes it work to amazing effect.





Like I said before, these are more collectors items than they are shoes. Being that it’s Star Wars, it’s pretty appropriate. For years people have collected the action figures and toys, and have hoarded them like mad. Sperry has made the shoes the same way, down to the very box they come in. The box has the Star Wars label branded proudly on top, with the Rebel and Empire insignias on the sides. Inside the box there’s an amazing Ralph McQuarrie illustrated scene depicting just what these shoes do, a fight between tie fighters and rebel ships. The paper that the shoes come wrapped is even some very special wrapping paper featuring Rebel and Imperial logos. It’s just one amazing thing after the other.

And that’s what Sperry has done for the second year in a row. They’ve made shoes that live up to the Sperry standard, but beyond that, they are shoes so cool that you really don’t want to wear them, for fear of wearing them out or messing them up. They did it last year with the JAWS line, and they’ve seemed to perfect it this year with Star Wars.

These shoes are selling out, but you can order them directly from Sperry by clicking here!


You can find the Star Wars Sperry’s in Sperry shops all over the country, and also at other retailers like Journeys. They will sell out, because they are really amazing collectors items, on top of being amazing shoes.


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