The Force is strong with these shoes! Sperry Topsiders releases Star Wars collection



Sperry Topsiders are about to launch a new line of shoes, and the Force surrounds them. For the 40th anniversary of the original Star Wars film, Sperry has released an all new collection inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy. The collection features five shoes that reflect key moments and characters from the original film, A New Hope.



Some of our favorites include the Death Star Cloud CVO, which features a green border representing the laser of the Death Star. The Imperial insignia rests on worn black canvas, which is all kinds of badass.




On the other side of the spectrum is the cool Rebel Pilot Cloud CVO. If there’s any immediate contrast to the dark side, it’s these bright orange Rebel Alliance shoes. They are quite possibly the best Star Wars shoes that have come out to date.




If you are a fan of concept art, then the McQuarrie original slip ons are right up your alley. These shoes feature two different pieces of original artwork by the concept artist who brought the vision to life. The shoes feature two of the most famous sketches that would go on to be some of the most iconic pieces in cinema history.






Of course, it wouldn’t be the trilogy if they didn’t feature Han, Chewie, R2D2 And C-3P0. Each one is found together in their respective pairings in slip on shoes.


The shoes will hit stores on August 10th, and you’ll want to act really fast.


Last year, Sperry teamed up with the team behind JAWS to release a really epic JAWS line. Check out our video below:

Watch: Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the shoe store!

The JAWS shoes were filled with little easter eggs, from the packaging, all the way to the inserts. They even featured themed wrapping paper. From the brief looks we’ve had at the Star Wars line, the shoes will also have the same kind of special treatment. We can see a battle scene in the background, as well as a killer wrapping paper. Plus, there looks to be some kind of car or book insert. Honestly, the shoes are a great part of any collection, and really hard to wear for that reason.


Hopefully you’ll be able to get your hands on a pair before they sell out. May the Force be with you…always.




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