The terror of HHN takes to the street as scare zone construction ramps up!



Halloween Horror Nights is coming really, really soon! It’s happening in just over three weeks, and while we still don’t have the entire maze line up, we do have terror spilling into the streets! Honestly, while it can be frustrating from a fan, and writing point when Universal holds back their houses for the year, it’s really helped to amp up the antici…


…pation. Really, we are super excited to find out what the rest of this year’s houses will be, and to finally experience them!

But before we can do any of that, we do have a great look at the all new scare zone props that are popping up. Every year, Universal does some major decorating, and it gives us a bit of a preview of what to expect opening night. This year, the park has a great mix of films, and original content, and it’s a big year for it too.

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Quick note…yes, we put a label in the wrong place. We’re bad nerds.

As soon as guests walk into the park, they are greeted with black ribbons hanging down from the streets. This is Altars of Horror, where guests will see the characters from some of the biggest mazes, brought into the streets to terrorize you. It’s a great concept, as guests will definitely want to take pictures of some of the biggest horror characters. We can imagine the Shining Twins, and Ashy Slashy will all be there, but we may get some big surprises as well.


The New York area of the park will once again be home to the annual Purge. For twelve hours, guests will be put into a living hell as all crime is legal, and you are the hunted. The car with the stage on it looks really interesting, and is sure to be some kind of interactive “bandstand” that rolls in and out of the area. The best things though, are the little touches, as the blue flowers are placed outside of some doors…indicating they support the Purge, but may not participate in it.


In San Francisco, it’s an Invasion! The scare zone has a flying saucer that crash landed, with aliens that want to experiment on humans.


I don’t know why something this cool is always crammed in such a small area, but it’s sure to be an amazing experience. Last year’s Dead Man’s Wharf was a fan favorite, and this year’s Invasion! is sure to be as well.


Trick r Treat comes to the Central Park area, and it brings with it pumpkins. LOADS of pumpkins! While HHN has used the pumpkins in the trees before, it has never used so many. This falls in line with the movie, as the one house on the street has so many pumpkins that it is the brightest thing on the block.


We really can’t wait to see this one lit up at night, as the area is going to be full of pumpkins, ghosts, werewolves…pretty much anything from the movie. It’s a great way to bring the movie to life, though a house would be amazing as well. The area is sure to be a favorite, just be sure to follow the rules of Halloween.


Finally, the stage has been set for Academy of Villains, once again. This year, the show will keep the same venue, but rock a different look as they bring your nightmares to life. The show last year was amazing, and this one is sure to be just as big, if not better.



Slideshow-Check out more HHN construction!

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The terror kicks off on September 15th on select nights, and tickets are now in sale!

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