First Look Inside the NEW ‘Insidious: Beyond The Further’ Maze at HHN Hollywood 2017!



As mentioned in our preview of ‘The Shining’, we had the chance to tour two brand new mazes coming to HHN Hollywood this year. The 2nd maze of the day was ‘Insidious: Beyond The Further’, the 3rd Insidious maze to happen at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood in 5 years.

The maze takes a major part of its inspiration from the 4th and upcoming installment of the franchise which is not expected to be released until January, as well as features short segments from the other 3 films as well. In fact, about 2/3 of the maze is dedicated to Chapter 4, where the rest of the house features vignettes and small scenes from the other films.

What sets this maze apart from the previous two is that it has a more period and aged look as well as the fact that the movie isn’t coming out for another 3 months after Horror Nights ends. John Murdy mentioned that it’s like a living, breathing movie trailer that can only be experienced at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood.

One of the newest and spookiest characters to be featured in both the maze and film is the duck boy. He’s pretty terrifying.

Here is an example of a scene where a scareactor pretends to strangle his/her victim using a dummy.

Once you’ve experienced Chapter 4, you pass through the red door into a few scenes from Chapter 1, 2, 3. Here you’ll come face to face with the many demons, and iconic moments from each of the films.

If you’re a big fan of the Insidious franchise, then there’s no better experience than Insidious: Beyond the Further where you get to experience a real living movie trailer in person as well as relive your favorite moments from past films. Tickets are now available for HHN Hollywood!

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