T2:3D saying Hasta la Vista October 8th


The 3D attraction that revolutionized the industry won’t be back for 2018. T2: 3D- Battle Across Time will be closing forever on October 8th, 2017. The attraction will be making way for a brand new live action experience in 2019.

T2:3D is based on the Terminator franchise, and combines 3D technology with live action actors and effects. The show was revolutionary when it opened in 1996, and changed how parks use 3D technology. It was extremely unique in how the show not only mixed live action and 3D, with actors interacting with the screen, but also in the production of the show itself.

The movie portion was directed by the same team that directed the first two films. James Cameron, John Bruno and the legendary Stan Winston. Writers included Cameron, and designer Gary Goddard.

All the effects, and the world created was the same from the movie, as guests take a tour of Cyberdyne and are introduced to the new soldiers, the T-70. Of course, Sarah and John Connor are trying to stop the future, and guests are taken to the future and into Skynet, where they come face to face with the T-1 Million.

While the attraction was ground breaking at the time, technology has not been kind to it. The attraction definitely shows its age, and is in need of an update.

Guests and fans have until October 8th to experience the attraction one more time.

So, what will replace it? That’s up in the air, but Universal says it will be based on one it’s “high energy” film franchises. There’s a number of possibilities, including Bring it On, Pitch Perfect and even Fast and Furious.

The next new attraction will be Fast and Furious: Supercharged. 2019 will be a big year for the resort as well, as the T2 replacement will be joined by a new Harry Potter coaster. That coaster will replace Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure.

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