Fans petition to save Bill and Ted at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando


Bill and Ted have gone back to 1991, where they will become the Great Ones that we so desperately need. However, a new petition started by fans of Halloween Horror Nights wants to bring them back to 2018 for more shows.

The petition started on was started shortly after the last ever show of the Halloween Horror Nights staple. The petition is calling for the return of the show to all future HHN events.

The Bill and Ted Excellent Adventure show has been a staple of Halloween Horror Nights! Not only has the show grown a fan base of thousands of people, but has created traditions, memories, reunions, laughter, and much more! Bill and Ted has also provided in a sense a “cool down” or desensitizing atmosphere for many. The body produces adrenaline when we get scared, henceforth the human mind and body becomes hypervigilant; the Bill and Ted show provides an escape from the adrenaline and hypervigilance.

Society is always changing; for the good and the bad; Vegas for example, Bill and Ted was able to touch upon it that not only showed tribute to the lives taken, but helps make light of the dark; also while refreshingly being the one true redeeming stab at pop culture from year to year. The signatures speak for themselves for the fan base and income brought in for the Bill and Ted show!

While we love Bill and Ted as much as the next guy, and would love to see it return, it’s worth noting that these types of petitions rarely work for theme park attractions. Once the parks decide to end a show or close an attraction, it’s usually a done deal.

Still, there are over 1,200 signatures at the time of publishing, as well as a Facebook group and planned meet ups at the parks.

What do you think? Should Bill and Ted be saved to entertain us for all time, or should they be free to return to 1991 and fulfill their destinies?



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