IAAPA 2017: SeaWorld new unveils Infinity Falls Rafts


On Tuesday, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA for short) kicked off their annual Expo with a look into Infinity. SeaWorld took the stage on the Expo floor and showcased their all new Infinity Falls ride vehicle from Intamin.

Brian Morrow, VP of Theme Park Development at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment was on hand at the Intamin booth to showcase the new ride vehicle that will take guests plunging through a Tropical Rainforest at SeaWorld Orland in 2018. The ride will be a record breaking drop, with a 40 foot plunge into the ravine. The ride system will feature a vertical lift that will lift riders straight up into the air, kind of like an elevator, before splashing down.




On top of showing off the new ride vehicle, Brian Morrow also revealed that the queue for the new attraction will be completely interactive, and will allow guests to take their adventure from “Park to Planet” by actually working to save the rainforest while you wait for the new ride. The new queue will give guests the chance to literally save the water around the planet. It’s going to be part of the entire new land that will have Infinity Falls as the centerpiece. The new ride will also feature new animals that are part of the rainforest, which will be on display in the new ride area, as well as the queue. The biggest feature of the new ride will be the showcase of science, from the ride vehicle to the queue, and even the area, science will be a major inspiration of the new attraction.
While it is SEA World, the commitment of SeaWorld is to make their guests more aware of all the water and animals around the planet.

Infinty Falls will splash down in the Summer of 2018!

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