New details revealed for Fast & Furious ride at Universal Orlando


The next big thing at Universal Orlando is going to Supercharge your next vacation, as Fast and Furious: Supercharged gets ready to race into Universal Orlando for 2018. The new attraction will take guests into the movie and world of racing, and today we have new details about what to expect, as well as a first look at the behind the scenes of the new attraction.

Are you ready for the new details?

The new ride will open in the Spring of 2018, and will bring in tons of exclusives to Orlando’s version of the attraction.

The new ride will feature an original story from the world of Fast and Furious and will feature characters that the Hollywood version doesn’t have.

There are four unique aspects to the new attraction at Universal Studios Florida. An original story, new characters, virtual line and actual cars from the film.

The story will see guests invites to an after party after a race. Guests will board on all new party busses to get to the party. Before the party kicks off, however, Dom radios in that their old nemesis Owen Shaw is on the way. From there you’re taken on a huge adventure.

The new ride will bring in Tej Parker and Mia Toretto into the attraction played by original actors Ludacris and Jordana Brewster. Guests will get to wander around the new attraction in the next queue less experience, which was introduced with Jimmy Fallon’s Race Through New York earlier this year. Guests will venture through the Family Room where you’ll see pictures of the entire Fast & Furious Family. You’ll even get to go through Tej’s high tech War Room. If Jimmy Fallon is any indication, we can expect to be able to spend about 45 minutes in the new areas just exploring.

The ride and queue will feature 15 cars, with 12 of those cars being directly from the films themselves, including Dom’s iconic Charger and Letty’s Turbo Truck.

So how will this compare to the Universal Studios Hollywood version? Plainly put, it won’t. It’s an all new attraction where the Hollywood version is part of the iconic Tram Tour.

Video-Get Fast and Furious at Universal Studios Hollywood

The new attraction is the next step in Universal Orlando’s non-stop massive development that has not let up over the past few years. Are you excited for Fast and Furious Supercharged? More details will be revealed as the Spring 2018 grand opening approaches!

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