Two new coasters coming to Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream Mall


Two new record breaking coasters are coming to the all new American Dream Mall in New Jersey. When the mall opens in 2019, it will be home to the all new Nickelodeon Universe indoor amusement park. The new park will feature two new coasters from Gerstlauer and Ride Entertainment.

The two coasters will intertwine with each other within Nickelodeon Universe, which will add to the complete thrill of the coasters.

The first will be a launched Euro Fighter coaster. The coaster will feature a record breaking “beyond vertical” drop, where the car actually goes beneath the first drop on the coaster. The current record is 120 degrees.

The second will be a spinning coaster, which will be the longest and tallest free spinning coaster in the world. riders will spin wildly around the track as they take crazy turns and drops.

The two roller coasters will be intertwined, which means the combined 14 vehicles will run in and around each other. The kinetic energy in the space will be amazing and feature non-stop action.

“Featuring the best in family and adult entertainment, Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream has been designed to appeal to customers of all ages.  By working with the best partners in the business, our park experience will be highly themed and offer one of a kind rides by Gerstlauer,” Don Ghermezian, President Triple Five.

“These two coasters, appealing to thrill seekers, will break three world-records combined!  Gerstlauer has far exceeded our expectations with these new to market coasters and we’re excited to have them on this journey with us,” commented Gary Hanson, a management consultant at Triple Five.

“We have worked on many projects, but this will be unlike anything we have ever designed. Visitors to Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream are in for a great ride,” said Siegfried Gerstlauer, Managing Director of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.

“It has really been an honor for us to go on this journey with Triple Five,” said Adam Sandy, Chief Business Development Officer with Ride Entertainment. “In many ways the Spinning Coaster at their Mall of America property kicked off Gerstlauer’s growth in North America, and they have subsequently put three additional rides in their Minnesota and Edmonton properties. The two new rides at American Dream will take Gerstlauer’s thrills to the next level,” he said.

American Dream will be built in the Meadowlands complex in New Jersey. Nickelodeon Universe is just one of many new attractions coming to the American Dream complex. It will also include North America’s largest fully-enclosed indoor DreamWorks Water Park; a 16-story Big Snow Indoor Ski & Snow Park; a live Performing Arts Theater; 285-foot tall Observation Wheel; luxury movie theatres by Cinemex; Sea Life Aquarium, Lego Discovery Center; NHL-size Ice Rink; and two 18-hole miniature golf attractions.  The center also features The Collections – a luxury and fashion area in the property and The Dining Terrace – a collection of fifteen full-service restaurants showcased in one location in the center.

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