Is SeaWorld Orlando’s Kraken got the leash on again? VR headsets removed



A tweet from “Drew the Intern” is drawing a lot of questions for SeaWorld Orlando. Namely, the VR headsets for Kraken: Unleashed have been removed, and much of the signage about the VR being down has been removed.



The headsets have been slowly disappearing from many of the trains in the past few months, as the coaster has been having tons of issues with the VR headsets. While nothing official has been revealed, it’s looking like the headsets are being removed, and taking the ride back to it’s original form.

The new version has just made its debut over the summer, and was the first of what SeaWorld claimed would be many ride transitions to VR across the company.


Video-Take a Ride on Kraken Unleashed


We did reach out to SeaWorld for more on this, however, as of publishing they have yet to comment (and it’s Sunday night).

While it’s unlikely that SeaWorld is done for good with Kraken VR, it’s likely going to be down for a while. I have to wonder if the park is just taking the VR portion offline until the bugs can be worked out of it. Hopefully, that’s the case. The park has been running the coaster with just one train, so it looks as if the park is either taking the other VR cars offline, or they’re trying to work through the bugs.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the mighty beast.

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