Farewell to the Redhead! Disney closes Pirates to change iconic scene


Hope you got your last ride in, as Walt Disney World quietly closed Pirates of the Caribbean on Sunday. While yearly refurbishments are nothing new, this newest refurb will see the removal of an iconic part of the ride that has been in park since 1971.

The Bride Auction scene will get removed, and along with it the iconic Redhead that many have dubbed “Scarlet”. The ride is scheduled to also get an update in audio and effects as well. Don’t fret, the Redhead will not be gone for good.

Video-One last ride with the Redhead at Pirates of the Caribbean


When the ride reopens on March 19th, there will be an all new auction scene that will see Red go front and center.

The new scene will see her packing a rifle as pirates auction off the townsfolks loot. The change has already happened at Disneyland Paris, with a few videos surfacing online. We’ll have to see for ourselves, but so far it doesn’t look very promising.

While the move can be seen as “PC”, if it’s done right, it would be less about political correctness and more about empowering women. After all, there were some pretty ruthless and diabolical lady pirates in the world.



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