Flashback: A look back at Halloween Horror Nights in Singapore


Halloween has come and gone. Right now the masters of horror who create the event are currently teasing vague hints on what is to come for this upcoming horror nights. You probably remember the haunts from Orlando and Hollywood but have you ever thought about the international horror nights? Japan and Singapore? Maybe in the future we’ll go into Japan but let’s talk about Singapore.

The first thing you’ll notice from looking at the map, is this is a completely original Halloween Horror Nights. Every single haunted attraction is an original idea. Much like HHN’s of old, the haunted houses and scarezones are tied together through a unique narrative. This year “THE SEVEN DEADILER SINS” have taken over the Singaporean park and each attraction has them in some way involved. If you didn’t know the story of the event, don’t worry they have an opening scaremony, every single event day, that explains the story.

To be honest the first time I saw the opening ceremony, I thought maybe I came on a special day and was apart of an actual event that I’d never heard about before. Also I’d like the mention my brain doesn’t work that well. From there you are allowed to explore the park. You’ll find some excellent scarezones.

Happy Horror Days though labeled as a scarezone had a forced path through it so it could almost be considered an outdoor haunted house. The haunted houses themselves feel like a mix of new cutting edge haunted houses and old school HHN haunted houses, however these houses are freaking intense. A good example of a new aged well themed haunted house would be death mall.

And it wouldn’t be Halloween Horror Nights with out shows. Their Bill and Ted, (RIP), esque show this year would be the Laboratorium. Which is a comedy/dance show themed to the practices of the plague doctors which that made your humble narrator chuckle more then I should have.

Also the main stage gets reused by a new murder K-Pop group called “The Splitface Girls”. I give them credit they actually made original songs for the characters. Good job on world building for a show that is about women that kill people.

Singapore’s HHN is quite a unique event it is almost like looking at a hybrid of the past, present, and future of Halloween Horror Nights.

And then there is Japan, but that’s another story.

Well until then stay groovy!

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