What’s in a name? Disney Hollywood Studios not changing anytime soon


Bob Iger said it was happening. Surveys went out asking about name changes. Disney’s Hollywood Adventure, Disney’s Cinemagic Kingdom, Disney’s Cinemagine Park…Disney XL Park.

With all the new changes happening to Disney’s MGM   Hollywood Studios, there has to be a new name, right? According to the latest update on the Disney’s Park Blog, not so much.

In response to questions we have been receiving, we also want to let fans know that the Disney’s Hollywood Studios name will remain the same for the foreseeable future since we are immersing our guests in a place where imagined worlds of Hollywood unfold around them from movies and music, to television and theater.

That’s why they call them rumors kids.

Honestly though, what’s in a name? You’re going to go because Star Wars will be there. You’re going to go because Rock n Roller Coaster is there, and so is the good version of Tower of Terror. It’s a fun little park, and it’s only going to get better.

Still, there are no “Studios” to speak of. Why don’t we just change one little word. From Studios to Adventure, and be done with it? It’s simple, and it worked before, though I still call it MGM, from time to time.

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