AMC Offers Chilling ‘The Terror’ Offsite Event at WonderCon 2018


One of the hottest ticket’s at San Diego Comic-Con are the dozens of unique off-site experiences that pop-up each year. With WonderCon quickly becoming more and more popular, so is the addition of off-site events as well. This year AMC stepped up to the plate to promote it’s newest historical show “The Terror”, which follows a team of Argonaut explorers who are become stuck in the artic and have to deal a series of dark entities.

The 5 minute experience here takes place within a high-tech shipping container equipped with snow and fog machines, interior projection mapping and a bumping sound system. The whole experience takes place within 2 scenes, a dark room that is designed to feel like the bowls of a ship, and a snowcapped room with a 12 person row boat where the main portion of your preview takes place.

We were only allowed to film a portion of the show but you can get a good idea of the parts we weren’t able to film just by watching the trailer below.

It was a fun little experience and well worth the 15-20 minute wait that it commanded throughout the convention. You can checkout ‘The Terror’ on AMC later tonight 3/26/2018.

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For more information about The Terror, visit the official website by clicking here!