Exploring the first rotating sushi restaurant. The original ride for food.


In short departure from high intensity thrill rides and covering the newest that the theme park world has to offer. Let’s take a look at the ride that you can only do if your a piece of sushi (or Gudetama, the hello kitty company’s depressed vomiting egg). For this adventure, we have to head out to the land of the rising sun. If you head out to dinner for sushi you might end up at a kaiten sushi restaurant. Kaiten sushi means rotating sushi. They are all over Japan and they are incredibly convenient because if you see something you want to eat, just take it off the the conveyor belt.

The raw fish and seafood stays on the rotation until either someone takes it or it gets taken off for being on there too long. But how did this slow moving food ride start? Well meet this guy,

This is the late Yoshiaki Shiraishi. He had a sushi restaurant and he didn’t know how to make his sushi establishment more cost effective. One day he went to an beer factory and saw the beer whizzing by on the belts. The gears in his head started turning. In the 1950’s he opened up his Mawaru Genroku Sushi restaurant. Since this is Japan you’d think the first one would be in the heart of Tokyo. Nope, its right next to a train line in east Osaka the third biggest city in Japan. And this test restaurant is still active in the same spot its been in for over 60 years.

Not only is this the place where you can taste sushi in the first place that set off the rotating sushi restaurants. It is like a cyberpunk lovers dream. You can hear the train passing by as you sip your green tea. Also it doesn’t hurt that there is a dystopian SEGA WORLD arcade next door under the train tracks.

If you find yourself out in Osaka and want to find this place yourself, here is the address 〒577-0841 大阪府東大阪市足代1-12-1 Enjoy the sushi and make sure you take a couple pictures.

Man I’m getting hungry, I think its time for more sushi!

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