Waivers available for runDisney’s Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend


runDisney has released waivers for the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon, which means race day is right around the corner. This means one other thing for those running the Half Marathon or the First Order Challenge: corral placements are available for the Half Marathon.

runDisney races are so large and it draws so many runners, Disney assigns runners a corral for each race. The corral is indicated by a letter on the runner’s bib, usually A-H. Each corral is broken up into mini-waves to space the crowd out at the start line. Placement is typically based on a runner’s pace with the fastest runners at the beginning and the slower runners toward the back.

All runners can print their waivers out at home and bring them to the race as they are required in order to pick up bibs by clicking here.

If you signed up for the Dark Side Half Marathon or the First Order Challenge, you can determine your corral placement for the Half Marathon by viewing your waiver which will display your bib number. That number can then be compared to this handy chart below.

Half Marathon Only:

Half Marathon (Challenge Bibs):

Note that First Order Challenge participants will find out 10k corral placement when they pick up their bib at the expo.

Registration for the First Order Challenge (10k and Half Marathon) and the Dark Side Half Marathon are still open. To register, visit runDisney’s official website.

To read up on the entire event guide, it is available by clicking here.

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For more information about runDisney, including race registrations, visit the official website.