Busch Gardens Tampa loses power Saturday, delays opening for hours




On Saturday, Busch Gardens Tampa lost power for most of the morning, which crippled operations. Rides, shows and restaurants were shut down due to a massive power outage for the first hours. While guests were allowed into certain areas of the park, the rides, shows and restaurants were closed, with only a few shops open.





Coasters were stuck on the tracks as the power outage hit the area during their morning test runs. Fortunately no riders were on the rides.
We were told by a reader that due to the power outage, the park was giving free admission after a few hours.
The park did bring out animal ambassadors, and tried the best to bring fun to the park. It does remind us of the old days of the park, when it was an add on to the Budweiser Brewery in Tampa.

While the rides and shows were shut down, tours were still going on.
The park did manage to get the power back on in part of the park, which included the animal habitats and ice show.

For those looking to cool off, Adventure Island opened their gates to anyone with a Busch Gardens Tampa ticket.

If you had tickets for today, and are looking for answers to questions, the park is urging guests to email

Unfortunately, power outages are a way of life in Florida, as summer thunderstorms roll through frequently. Special thanks to Ashley Rhombs for the pictures and updates from the park.

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