Electric Eel now open at SeaWorld San Diego!



Are you ready for the biggest rush in San Diego? The all new Electric Eel is officially open at SeaWorld San Diego, and it’s the biggest, meanest thrill in the area.

Wait…say that again. SeaWorld San Diego has opened a thrill machine? While SeaWorld in Orlando and Texas are known for their big thrills, and fun coasters, SeaWorld San Diego isn’t. The California Coastal Commission has put tons of restrictions on the park, which helps keep the building sizes down as well. This has been putting a hamper on SeaWorld plans for years, and has kept them from being a full fledged coaster kingdom.

However, Electric Eel changes that. Well, at least a little bit.

Video-Go for a ride on Electric Eel


The ride takes you on the back of an electrified knifefish..yes we call them Electric Eels, but SeaWorld has got to try and make you learn a little here. You’re hurtled through the track at 62 mph, back and forth before being launched up into the huge loop with an inline twist. It’s that twist that makes the ride. You drag your way across the twist, in what surely seems like a stall, and back into the huge loop before settling back down at the station.

The ride is fun, fast, and takes a long time to load with just one 18 person car at a time.

It’s a great ride that is actually perfect for SeaWorld San Diego, and fits in with the other coaster, Manta as an amazing compliment to each other. With Manta, you have a fast, but low coaster with tons of great airtime. Electric Eel takes you higher and faster than before.


The coaster is now open daily at SeaWorld San Diego.



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