Hang Time brings straight down thrills to Knott’s Berry Farm with amazing new coaster



150 feet straight up, means only one thing…you have 150 feet straight down. Hang Time at Knott’s Berry Farm is now open, and we had the chance to check out Southern California’s first, and only dive coaster. So, why do they call it “Hang Time”?

Check out the video below for the answer!

Video-Hang Out with Hang Time

Hang Time is a custom Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster. The ride is amazingly smooth, and gives you the sensation of hanging in mid-air, both before the big 96 degree drop, and during several of the coasters five inversions. It’s the coaster with the second most inversions in the park, and each one feels like you’re about to stall out, which is part of the thrill.

Unlike the standard coaster, Hang Time features just lap bar restraints. Let that sink in for a minute. You’re going upside down five times, and dropping 96 degrees…with just a lap bar. It’s perfect for just about everyone, with a minimum height requirement of just 48 inches. While it may look insane, it’s small footprint and relatively low height makes it the perfect size for the whole family.

HangTime also has a custom light package, which…okay big deal, it’s lights. But it really is a big deal, as the lights chase the coaster, giving it a great look from the ground, and riding it at night, as it’s all lit up is really cool.

Video-Get Lit and Ride Hang Time at Night!

Hang Time is actually the perfect fit for the Boardwalk area, as it gives a new thrill ride, and compliments the theme with the surfboard motif.

Check out even more pictures:

The coaster is a must ride, and will no doubt get long lines all summer. While it’s not the first dive coaster in the country, with that distinction going to Busch Gardens Tampa and Williamsburg (respectively), it is definitely the most unique. Gerstlauer always delivers a very smooth ride, with insane thrills that really shouldn’t be possible. Yet, there they are. The “Infinity” style design gives guests a feeling that they are falling into nothing, unlike other dive coasters which will let you see where you are going. That 60 degree banked stall really adds to the anticipation of the first drop. While the coaster never slows down enough to stall, it sure seems like it from the ground, with amazing twists that keep you pushed in. It really is a solid new coaster to the already fun line up at Knotts.

HangTime is the centerpiece to what is shaping up to an amazing year at Knott’s. The best is yet to come, as the park is rolling out two new shows, as well as returning with Ghost Town Alive. Then of course you have Knott’s Scary Farm returning this September for more frights, and Knott’s Merry Farm returning for holiday delights.


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