Demolition begins on former Tidal Wave site to make room for new ride at Busch Gardens Tampa


Thanks to eagle eyed reader, Justin Holas, we have a great little look at the demolition of the former Tidal Wave attraction at Busch Gardens Tampa. While there’s not much to be seen in pictures, in person it’s confirmed that the bottom portion of the flume has been removed.

Walls have gone up around the area, and debris can be seen as the track and ride path are being completely removed. It’s best seen from Jungala, but even some of that area has been roped off. A short video posted to our Facebook page shows a little more of the construction.

Again, it’s not much but it’s proof positive that the rumors are true, and a new attraction will be built on the site, likely for 2019, which will be the parks 60th anniversary.

What exactly will be built? We’re not 100% sure, but there have been trademarks filed for Twisted Tiger, Uproar and Tigris. One of those three will most likely be the name of the new attraction, with Twisted Tiger being the favorite. The biggest rumor is that the new ride will be a coaster, and likely a duplicate of Electric Eel and Tempesto which have opened at SeaWorld San Diego and Busch Gardens Williamsburg.
They are Premiere Shuttle Loop coasters, which are fun, but very low on capacity and pretty small.
Check our video below for a look at what kind of attraction you can expect.

With the attraction being in close proximity to Jungala and the tigers, there’s going to be a likely connection between the two. The long, long standing rumor has a Mako style hyper coaster dotting across the landscape, though that seems to have gone out the window.
Many still hold on hope to Gwazi being refitted with a Rocky Mountain Style Coaster upgrade, but we have been told that’s never going to happen. Never say never, but other plans seem to be already made for that area.

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