He comes home again-The first trailer for the new Halloween is here!


Michael Myers is one of the most recognizable faces in horror history. Halloween has had sequels, and killed off characters, with brothers and sisters and nieces, nephews and uncle grandpas that it has just gotten silly. Michael Myers has become a supernatural being, that just can’t die. Now comes the trailer for what promises to be a new take on the old story, and a direct sequel to the first film. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, the teenager that was terrified by Michael Myers all those years ago.
How will it pan out this time?

Alright, I like where this is going. I live right off the bat that they dismiss the sequels, and make Laurie seem like she’s just hell bent on revenge. She looks like a certified badass, and also a bit twisted from her ordeal. If she’s not Michaels sister, then why go after her? Why does Michael get set off by the mask? What’s the purpose of it all?

The movie will throw out everything we know about the past sequels and start over, essentially. It’ll be interesting to see just how those questions are answered, and if Halloween is a triumphant return or just another crazy sequel.

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