Is Electric Ocean the best nighttime show in Orlando?


It’s a very bold statement, but Electric Ocean could very well be the best nighttime celebration in Orlando…and perhaps in the theme park industry. For the second year in a row, SeaWorld Orlando has rolled out Electric Ocean, their nighttime experience. It’s not just one show, but a collection of shows, food, experiences and just fun that builds up to a massive nighttime party, and fireworks/laser/water show called Ignite. It has so much happening, that it really is too much to see in one night, and really worth coming back for. But is it the best thing happening in Orlando?

So, let’s examine each part of Electric Ocean. Where most theme parks build up to one big fireworks spectacular, with the rest of the park being the appetizer, Electric Ocean brings several different elements together to make one giant party.


There are technically four different shows happening throughout the night, and they all seem to take you in order across the park. Each one offers something different, and fun.

Touch The Sky

SeaWorld rolls out an all new dolphin show. It basically kicks off the night and starts the fun.

Sea Lions Tonite

Mimes, sea lions, otters, walruses and all making fun of the rest of the park. Did we mention mimes?


Playing with bubbles doesn’t seem like it would make for a good show, but goes to show what you know. Pop is a great bit of fun and it’s in air conditioning.

Shamu Light Up the Night

This show is what all Shamu shows should be. It’s fun, high energy and brings a mix of live music, great soundtracks and of course whales!

Each show leads to the next one, in a seemingly never ending line. But it all leads up to the big finale, Ignite. The perfect feather in Electric Ocean’s cap.



The Pathway and Club Sea Glow


Like all SeaWorld events, the big stuff happens at Bayside Stadium. It’s the central point of all festivities, and the home of the big Electric Ocean finale, Ignite. However, getting there is half the fun. Keep in mind, we went on opening weekend, when the weather was just horrible, so not everything was open.




Bayside path is where you can find tons of food and beverage options. Totchos and various other eats are common to find, and of course there’s tons of beer and cocktails as well. The pathway is also where you start to build the atmosphere, with tons of black lights and glowing sea creatures. While it sounds simple, it actually works amazingly. The blacklights lead up to a great experience, and of course you really need some of your own glow stuff to take part in all the fun.




Club Sea Glow is where the atmosphere gets turned up to 20. It’s an open range dance party, and of course there’s tons of “sea life” sprinkled all around. While the vibe is family friendly, with tons of family dance music, make no mistake, this is a full on rave. Dancers with glow outfits, light up props and even puppets roam the crowd.

The side shows also make for great entertainment options, which happen once every 10-15 minutes.

Video-Check out the amazing laser dancer at Club Sea Glow


Video-Check out the works of light from Club Sea Glow

While we didn’t get the chance to film them all, we counted about five different shows, each happening right in the middle of the dance floor.

That feeling and energy spills into the finale of the night. Ignite




Ignite has no storyline. There’s no tale as old as time, no movie moments. There’s no narration, no amazing animation. It’s just fire, water, lasers and fireworks. And it works.


The show is pretty short, but it doesn’t let up very much. At just about nine minutes, it’s full of original music and tons of action. It’s a gorgeous show, and not full of rules, like other parks seem to be. You can be in the stands, in the seats, or right along the dance floor, in the middle of it all.



Slideshow-Check out more pics from SeaWorld Orlando’s Electric Ocean!

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Electric Ocean is a definite win for SeaWorld, and a model they need to follow a little more closely at other times of the year. Imagine if the Halloween party went into the early evening, and ended with a spooky fireworks show. That would get you away from the “not so scary” fun at Disney. They could also bring out special characters during the day, and then roll out entirely different, more spooky characters at night. Give a little bit of the best of both worlds.

While SeaWorld has made everything a festival, it really works with Electric Ocean and gives a great example to follow.

Electric Ocean runs on select nights from now until September, and will feature Ignite on every single one of those nights.

What do you think? Is SeaWorld out doing the rest of Orlando when the sun goes down?

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