Jon Bernthal’s Shane returning to the Walking Dead for Season 9!


The Walking Dead is bringing back one of the originals to the show for season 9, which airs later this year. We know that this upcoming season will be the last for Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Lauren Cohan ( Maggie), but Shane? Last we saw Shane, he was being taken out by Carl at the end of season two, after being killed by Rick, before he could kill Rick.

So, while we won’t see him back as a zombie (or will we?), there’s a good chance he’ll be a flashback or hallucination, or both. This could be the way that we see Rick take his bow on the show, by being welcomed by Shane. After all, they were best friends at one point.

Jon Bernthal has been very busy since his Walker fighting days, with starring roles on Marvel’s The Punisher, and upcoming films like Steve McQueen’s crime thriller Widows, coming this November, and the musical drama Viena and the Fantomes.

The Walking Dead has since offered Norman Reedus a ton of money to take over Rick’s spot as Daryl Dixon. We’ll see how long this lasts.



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