Moving Walkways could be going away at Walt Disney World, starting at Space Mountain



According to WDWNT, walls have gone up around at Space Mountain’s moving walkway finale. You know the one, it’s the long hallway that goes by all the futuristic space locales, and the video cameras. The gift shop is closed off, and guests are being redirected through backstage areas, to the exit.

The reason? Rumors are pointing to the removal of the moving walkways, or “speed ramps” throughout the park. According to various rumors and sources, Space Mountain will be the first to get removed, and it will be followed by the entrance ramp to the TTA (Tomorrowland Transit Authority), and Pirates of the Caribbean. The reason is because of accidents, as well as people with mobility issues. The guess is that they are going to make either stationary ramps, or reroute the traffic to the exits altogether.

Keep in mind that these are the entrance/exit ramps that basically use a long escalator, and NOT the moving ride platforms like on Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion and even the TTA loading platform. These are just the ramps that have inclines. It shouldn’t really effect how you experience the ride, only how you get enter or exit the ride buildings.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor for the time being, and may end up being something different entirely. While Space Mountain seems like an easy fix (just one long flat hallway),it’s really hard to imagine how it will work with rides like the TTA and Pirates, as both have fairly steep inclining walkways.


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