New Universal Lagoon show gets a name and concept art


Universal Orlando’s nighttime show, Cinematic Spectacular: 100 Years of Movie Magic was amazing. But after running for a few years, it was time to upgrade. The park is looking to up the ante big time with an all new show, and we have finally gotten the name and a first look at what to expect.

The official Universal Orlando website has a first look at new concept art (above) and the name.

Universal’s Cinematic Celebration-Epic Cinema Under the Stars will feature massive water screens, huge fountains and walls of water with dinosaurs from Jurassic World, the Minions and of course Fast and Furious. This is the first glimpse of what’s coming we’ve gotten so far.

While there has been no opening date for the show, we are hearing that we can expect to see it around the first part of July/end of June.

Our friends over at Screamscape has theorized that the new show will use seating in the Central Park area for the best view, and will see even more space around the lagoon utilized for a more sit down style show.

We personally can’t wait for the new show, and hope to hear more very soon!

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