Vault XX coming to Howl O Scream Williamsburg


The countdown to terror continues at Busch Gardens Williamsburg as they prepare for 20 Years of Fear at Howl O Scream. This time they are unlocking the vault and seeing what terrors poor out.

Vault XX will take you down memory lane as you literally face 20 years of fear with some of the most demented and feared characters in Howl O Scream history.

Here’s who you’ll encounter:

• Executioner from Dark Tower

• Mummy from Curse of Pompeii

• Pirate Captain Ghost from Sea Dog Cemetery

• Little Dead Riding Hood from Deadtime Stories

• Werewolf from Hunted

While Howl O Scream has a history of reusing houses year after year, this one will only be here for one season, and then Vault XX is locked away again.

Vault XX will be unleashed with Demented Dimensions, Frostbite and Cornered.


New Terror-tory™: Garden of the Souls™

Welcome to Funeral Gardens, the setting for Garden of the Souls™.  Here guests may visit the graves of the deceased, but this garden has a dark secret.  The dead roam free, and they’d love to show park guests what waits in the afterlife.

No Escape Room: Jack’s Nightmare Room

No Howl-O-Scream anniversary would be complete without Jack, the original Busch Gardens trickster.  He’s back in the all-new No Escape: Jack’s Nightmare Room, and he’s had plenty of time to sit in the dark and come up with new ways to surprise and startle fans. Explore the terrors that keep Jack up at night.  It’s a new era of chills, and this escape room will bring the SCREAM back to Howl-O-Scream.

The terror begins September 15th and will run on select nights until October 28th.

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